Gknowmix enables health professionals to apply leading-edge genomic knowledge to health and disease management, without the need for a degree in genetics.  Education is provided through CPD-accredited GeneTalk Workshops.

We provide a gateway for scientists, healthcare practitioners and laboratories to integrate genetics with clinical indicators and environmental risk. Data pooled from these different sources enable the development of multiplex tests and treatment programs tailored to the needs of the individual. A step-by-step guide is provided for service requests via our Genetic Care Centre.

WHAT, WHEN & HOW? Easy access to Genetic counselling is provided as an integral part of this service. Genetic testing is not offered directly to the public without support by a registered healthcare practitioner. For a meaningful genetic testing experience selection of the right test is vital.  

The Gknowmix service delivery process enables seamless integration of clinical assessments and laboratory analyses for data interpretation and report back to the referring healthcare practitioner. Reports are authorised by knowledgeable members of the academic research teams. This open innovation model empowers suitably qualified entrepreneurs in the healthcare sector in applying the Gknowmix model in their own environment. This process typically involves a combined service and research approach. The science of medicine is ever-changing and subject to alteration as our understanding of health and disease pathways improves.

Our mission is to engage clinicians and medical scientists in the development and implementation of innovative Pathology Supported Genetic TestsTM

Our vision is to provide a global genetic testing service delivery system and database tool for seamless conversion of research and innovation.


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